Smart Energy

- End-to-end facilitation of smart-energy projects
- Smart metering / Smart grid solutions
- Development of hardware and software solutions for the smart energy sector
S&T Smart Energy is a supplier of smart energy technology products. The development and production of hardware and software solutions implement the OSGP (Open Smart Grid Protocol) and are incorporated into intelligent power grids. Millions of these solutions are in successful operation. More than 250,000 of OSGP end-devices are being managed by this smart energy supplier in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Clients include such renowned energy suppliers as Linz Strom, Industrielle Werke Basel (IWB), Swiss Billing (SWiBi), Energie Klagenfurt und Werkbetriebe Frauenfeld.

The thrust of S&T Smart Energy business is the provision of hardware and software products (communication, reading and load management products) for smart grids. These include data center software solutions for energy suppliers, and OSGP standard-compatible devices enabling smart metering and controls and the processing of network data feeding into Grid Management System (GMS). The GMS was developed for the management of electricity, gas, water and heat meters; and to offer such supplemental capabilities as load management and voltage quality monitoring. S&T Smart Energy extensive portfolio of products and services also comprises technology and process consulting.

All throughout the world, simple power grids are being transformed into intelligently-managed smart ones. S&T Smart Energy is spearheading this transformation. The communication of data between energy suppliers and consumers is enabled by components of smart grids. This communication increases the efficiency of grids, permits the creation of new services and of supply and demand-based models of invoicing, and facilitates the stepping up of the use of regenerative sources of energy and the proactive conservation of energy by consumers.