Storage Consolidation

Information is currently one of the most important assets. The word "information" can represent any number of information important to a business, such as customer data, supplier data, price quotation data, record history, technical drawings, e-mail communication and similar. Modern businesses need to work with all these information on a daily basis and use them to secure and improve their operations. All the data need to be kept in different data stores which the users then access.
S&T Slovakia offers ways to store the data safely, at the same time making them available to all your employees who need them in their everyday activities, making the entire demanding process much more efficient.

The offered solution is built around disk space consolidation. It uses the concept of centralized disk space shared by multiple servers, which helps you overcome the problems you come across when using the traditional DAS technology (directly attached disk drives). Consolidation also addresses the question how to deal with the increasing volumes of stored data and significantly increases the disk space utilization while substantially reducing the total cost of ownership across the entire IT infrastructure. Thanks to its robust architecture and centralized management the data store also significantly improves the data processing efficiency, streamlines management of the entire device (while also making it significantly cheaper) and offers a much higher security level. One of the practical examples of its implementation in a business IT infrastructure is the establishment of a Storage Area Network (SAN).

Other available options are Network Attached Storage (NAS) or an iSCSI attached disk array using IP packet based SCSI command transfer.

Disk space consolidation can also comprise advanced optimization tools and technologies, such as:

– Virtual provisioning
– Automatic storage tiering (SSD, SAS, SATA)
– Snapshot, clone functionalities
– Storage replication
– Unified storage (consolidated block-based and file-based access)

When it comes to data store consolidation, S&T Slovakia cooperates with the world's largest manufacturers (EMC, HP, IBM) and owns the highest level business and technical certificates. S&T Slovakia has a team of highly trained system specialists capable of designing disk space consolidation strategies, implementing the entire solution, and providing high-quality warranty and post-warranty service both for individual components and the entire solution.