Data Backup & Archiving

The business data are the most valuable asset. Data protection is thus one of the priorities of IT departments. Unscheduled outages caused by data centre failures may lead to significant financial losses. 
At present, most businesses experience a rapid increase of IT infrastructure and data volumes and face problems related to data backup and data protection. New, modern data backup and restore solutions and trends can efficiently adapt to the changing conditions and requirements and are capable of eliminating the risk of a failure related data loss to a minimum. Moreover, the new solutions usually also offer reduced cost of operation.

S&T Slovakia endeavours to design for their customers data backup and protection solutions suited to their individual RPO (how much data can be lost) and RTO (how fast the recovery needs to be) requirements taking into account the complexity of their IT environment and applications used.

The basic facts that need to be determined and discussed in the design process are:
– type, volume and structure of data
– backup window and time
– backup technology
– retention period of the backed-up data
– data archiving requirements
– RPO and RTO
– Disaster recovery

Besides the traditional tape backup, disk backup is also gradually gaining ground, mainly due to the decreasing price of large-capacity disk drives (VTL, NAS). Among the technologies that let you efficiently utilize disk capacity and the corporate network (LAN, WAN, SAN) we should certainly mention data deduplication. To ensure protection of the backed-up data in case of a natural disaster data replication in a remote location can be deployed.

Our backup solutions focus mainly on the following products:
– EMC Networker, EMC Data Domain, EMC Avamar
– HP Data Protector, HP StoreOnce
– Veeam B&R