Business Consulting

S&T Slovakia is reliable partner in building competitiveness advantages and development of company´s efficiency. Our aim is to create solutions that are concentrated on developing competitive business processes in companies and their connection with strategy targets of the company. It means, we help companies to create such process, organisation and controlling models, that come from company targets and ensure fulfilment of process parameters needed for reaching these targets. Using S&T Slovakia services for a customer means increasing of the company efficiency in the whole and possibility to get better market position.

Systematic increasing of a company efficiency consists of:

  • Increasing of strategy efficiency, i.e. ability of a company to build its competitiveness advantages and succeeded in its strategy targets.
  • Increasing of operative efficiency, i.e. to be competitive on the level of all business processes

    Picture No. 1: Increasing of a company efficiency

    Our target is to create a mutual beneficial partnership, where our consultants help to find more efficient business models. Management of the company appreciates contribution of our support to develop its business. This target we succeed in using Balanced Scorecard method, implementing of process driven models and in connecting strategy and process controlling. Our strength is in preparation of IT projects that support finding of needed process parameters, preparation of dedicated processes for outsourcing, (i.e. needed parameters are unreachable without substantive investment, ...), SLA contract offer is included as a result of the activity.

    Picture No. 2: Company efficiency

    We are proud, that result of our activities is an optimal way of process improvement and optimum of investment needed for a company to get wanted results.

    Main benefits of BC services for our clients are:
  • lower process costs
  • defined information flow in process improvement
  • priority identification in development projects
  • investment sources allocation to projects with a definite benefit for customer´s business
  • possibility to keep track of KPI (key performance indicators) and efficiency of a strategy chosen by the top management
  • effective and transparent reporting for shareholders
  • possibility to follow costs of particular processes
  • identification of benefits using outsourcing of supporting processes
  • increasing of company flexibility and positive impact on competitiveness of the company
  • cooperation with consultants having not only theoretical knowledge of methodology but practical manager´s experiences as well