Professional Services

Any larger society at a certain stage of its growth is in a situation when it should invite IT professionals to analyze IT processes and the overall corporate strategy in computer science. Insight and professional expertise of S&T Slovakia experts can help the company better understand its internal IT needs and use its human and financial resources only for effective projects. 
S&T Slovakia provides all services for building functional and most efficient structures, i.e. services for the IT departments and company directors (CIO). In addition, S&T provides services for analysis, design, delivery, implementation, operation, support, and comprehensive outsourcing of all parts of the IT infrastructure. The key professional services are certifications, experience, and quality. S&T can offer them all – it has the highest certifications from supported manufacturers and a number of testimonials we can provide upon request.

S&T Slovakia also has certifications of STN EN ISO 9001 a STN ISO 10006. In addition, the company has been certified by the National Security Authority for the “Secret” level.

Solutions for IT securityŒ

Access Control
Protection against intrusion from inside and outside, and increased availability and security of enterprise LAN and WAN networks.

Information encryption is the most effective way to ensure the safety of private and confidential data and controlled data administration within IT (digital signatures, smart cards, encryption of email messages, files, and entire data centers).

Identification of users of IT resources and assignment of the corresponding rules and rights.

Content Security
Content security solutions ensure control, identification, and elimination of hazards of computer viruses, worms, malware, spyware, trojans, unwanted content filtering, and spam messages.

Information Security Management
A holistic approach to security has technical, organizational and financial aspects (policies, management, SIEM central supervision, safety standards).

Solutions in storage and data management

Storage Resource Management
Managing and improving the efficiency of storing data in data warehouses and disk arrays. We improve the use of data storage space with technologies and methodologies.

Storage Consolidation
Consolidation, centralization, and security of all DAS, SAN, and NAS storage space types.
The use of procedures, software tools, and know-how leads to significant financial and HR savings.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery
Securing high availability and continuous operation of applications and IT systems critical to business. DR planning as a process to ensure the operation recovery in case of accident.

Backup, Recovery, Archiving Backup
Regular creation of secondary copies to ensure partial or complete recovery in case of planned and unplanned outages.

Recovery: The process to recover deleted, corrupted, or lost data.
Archiving: Preservation and long-term storage of documents and data that meets legal/regulatory requirements.

System Integration and Enterprise Computing
Inspection, analysis, evaluation and inventory of IT environments. Audits of security, processes, infrastructure, and licenses are most often performed in the form of an expertly managed project. The quality and level of implementation is guaranteed by our corporate certification (ISO, National Security Authority, etc.).

High Performance Computing
Optimization and fine-tuning of individual IT components ensures a high performance and a good return on investment in all subsystems in the IT environment.

High Availability Computing
We can design, build, and operate key applications and IT systems and guarantee their availability even under very strict SLA requirements.

Migration of platforms and versions
UpUpgrade or needed changes in the IT infrastructure lead to the need for migration of platforms or their versions. The aim of the project is to eliminate the impact of migration on IT operations.

Print solutions
Design, implementation, and management of print services in IT.

Services related to IT delivery IT or Procurement

Configuration Services
Consulting related to the selection of suitable infrastructure elements that meet the requirements for maximum performance and compatibility with existing IT environment.
Outsourcing of the client system configuration according to its specific requirements.

License Management
Consulting related to the selection and management of software licenses. License management usually includes also software audits.

Supply Management
A common procurement task. Quality supply management, selection of partners, implementation, and our years of experience can guarantee a smooth material flow for IT operations.

Logistics and Storage
Avoid interruptions in the supplies, demand for large storage spaces, while guaranteeing defined terms. The solution ensures Europe-wide tracking of orders, inventory values, and quality parameters of supplies, using a network of warehouses and logistic routes.

Managed Services

Install / Move / Add / Change – Rollouts
Implementation of all life cycle phases, including handling, installation, commissioning, asset management, public installations by roll-out and environmental disposal facility ends.

HW Service and Support
Hardware maintenance according to the SLAs [Service Level Agreements] can guarantee fast operation recovery in the form of equipment repair in the 7x24x365 mode in just 4 hours. The services include the receipt, classification, dispatching and tracking of incidents by the ServiceDesk.

Software Service and Support
Software operation and maintenance in the IT infrastructure, imaging, consulting, patching, and immediate specialist support of the administrator in the 7x24x365 mode.

Remote Management and Monitoring
Remote system management without a physical on-site presence of specialists, including remote monitoring, and regular analysis of log files and all parameters, including safety.
Proactive problem management and capacity management prevent critical situations.

ServiceDesk Services
ServiceDesk is a single point for reporting IT incidents and end-user support, based on a modern information system and call center technology. Our ServiceDesk qualifies, solves, escalates and monitors incidents.