Outsourcing SAP

In the area of the information technologies S&T Slovakia arrive with their complete portfolio of the services in the following areas:

  • Supply and administration of the software and hardware infrastructure, necessary for the operation of an information system, including the supply and administration of communication infrastructure,
  • Setup of a required functionality of the information system for an enterprise needs, including the upgrade so-called add-on solutions for electronic data exchange and electronic business,
  • Administration, maintenance and extending of the information system functionalities in the course of its full operation,
  • Continuous complex support to the system users provided by the Slovakia Support Center
The IT outsourcing and support to the clients from the region covered by the activities of the company S&T is provided by an outsourcing center situated in Slovakia. The center renders services for the outsourcing of the system SAP within its whole scale, starting with installation of hardware platform and ending with application software management:

  • Installation, migration and administration of the hardware for the whole system infrastructure
  • Administration of the operational system, database, an system basis
  • Maintenance of individual system modules
  • Upgrade and development of new system functionalities
A part of the services may be rendered to the clients with their own IT infrastructure in a form of so-called outtasking (selective outsourcing). Possibility to ask for additional sources for the support and securing of the operation only for critical time periods, e.g. book-closing period, increased operational demand, starting up of new modules into production, etc., represents one of the most significant advantages of the outsourcing and outtasking. The client thereby is not forced to allocate his own technical or human resources that remain within the remaining periods idle and result in increased costs.

The services Outsourcing Center are rendered at three different levels of SLA (Service Level Agreement), if taken from the point of view of accessibility of the operated SAP system.

Customer background, experiences and stability of S&T Slovakia are guarantee for long term cooperation of customers and S&T Slovakia in the area of outsourcing.