Add-on SAP solutions

Although the system SAP belongs to the mostly world wide spread standard software solutions for business management, it is not its ambition to cover all needs of the companies. Its more effective use is significantly contributed by Add-on solutions, which have been developed and are being supplied to the customers by S&T Slovakia. These are the solutions that reflect the needs and conventions in our businesses and extend your information system by further possibilities.

Currently S&T Slovakia offers the following add-on solutions:

Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)
Personnel Identification Systems (EB/3-PIS)
Identification of Material Flow (EB/3-IMF)
Record Keeping of Tangible Fixed Assets by Means of Bar Codes (EB/3-FAM)
Connection of Real Time Systems to ERP (EB/3-SCADA)
Connection of Fiscal Printer to SAP
Transport Information System
Control of Purchase of Season Raw Materials