14.12.2016 | Slovakia

S&T Slovakia receives a Zabbix Premium Partner status

S&T Slovakia is now a certified partner of Zabbix. As the first, and presently the only, company in Slovakia it holds the highest partnership status – Premium Partner.

S&T Slovakia commands many years of experience in the field of implementation of solutions for IT infrastructure availability and performance monitoring in customer environments with a large number of servers, active network components and equipment. Specifically, in the field of monitoring solutions based on the Zabbix platform S&T Slovakia has confirmed the company’s extremely successful year by receiving a certified partnership as the first company in Slovakia. Another important achievement came with being awarded the Zabbix Premium Partner status, by which S&T Slovakia joined less than a dozen companies enjoying this partnership level globally.

The Premium Partner status is a result of a mutually successful cooperation and significant contribution to the development of new functionalities of the solution in Zabbix version 3.2. S&T Slovakia is presently participating in extensive projects for the supervision and monitoring of information and communication technologies for the customers in the Large Businesses segment who use Zabbix product and services.

What does the awarded status mean for customers? A premium partnership cannot be bought, it can only be obtained by performing work in Zabbix projects. By receiving a Premium Partner status, S&T Slovakia has proved its reliability in providing expert advice and services to the company’s customers. It demonstrated that it has available the necessary experience, broad expertise and professional experts to participate in the most challenging projects associated with the implementation of Zabbix solutions, their integration and subsequent support.

“The Premium Partnership provides our customers with a guarantee that the cooperation in Zabbix projects with our company represents a safer, faster, easier and, especially, a professional choice for them”, said Helena Horovčáková, Country Manager, S&T Slovakia.

About Zabbix Software
Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution designed to monitor and track performance and availability of network servers, devices, services and other IT resources.
Zabbix is an all-in-one monitoring solution that allows users to collect, store, manage and analyze information received from IT infrastructure, as well as display on-screen, and alert by e-mail, SMS or Jabber when thresholds are reached.
Zabbix allows administrators to recognize server and device problems within a short period of time and therefore reduces the system downtime and risk of system failure. The monitoring solution is being actively used by SMBs and large enterprises across all industries and almost in every country of the world.

About Zabbix Company
Zabbix LLC was established in 2005. It is a global software development company based in United States, Europe and Japan. The company’s flagship product is Zabbix – an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution. Zabbix LLC provides a wide range of commercial services such as technical and consultative support, Zabbix integration, implementation and customized development services as well as Zabbix professional training. The main focus is on a flexible approach to the customer needs and the ability to deliver the first-class services at affordable prices. Zabbix Company has over 95 partners all around the world with many local industry leaders being among them.
Zabbix LLC has a large portfolio of customers of various sizes from different industries. Some of the largest telecommunication, financial, educational, retail, healthcare, and government companies from around the world are among the company’s clients, several of them being on the Fortune 500 list for the year 2014. More information: www.zabbix.com

About S&T Slovakia
S&T Slovakia is an affiliate of multinational company S&T AG (www.snt.at), headquartered in Linz, which has a presence in 20 countries. S&T Slovakia focuses primarily on the areas of IT and business consulting, implementation and support of SAP solutions and deployment tools for Business Intelligence. The company provides all kinds of services from procurement to the planning and realization of complex network, storage and security solutions, and solutions for virtual data center operations, as well as services in the field of Cloud Computing.
S&T Slovakia has many years of experience in implementing IT infrastructure management solutions for large environments with a large number of servers, active network components and equipment. Zabbix is part of a rich portfolio of offered solutions, which is provided as a service or as "on-premises" implementation in the customers’ environment.