02.01.2012 | Austria

S&T Starts with a New Management Team

• Improved business model
• Focus on CEE and technology
• Synergies with Quanmax
• Balanced result in Q4/2011

A new management, improved business model and financially strong owners will once again turn S&T into a profitable company. “We are moving full steam ahead in the new year and are already in the process of optimizing the S&T business model and terminating loss-making operations and cost traps”, says S&T CEO Hannes Niederhauser, S&T CEO.

S&T will generate a profit again and continually expand these earnings on the basis of a three-stage plan. The first “back to normal” phase is proceeding in full swing i.e. wining back the trust of customers and employees. In the “better business” phase starting in 2012, processes and structures in the company will be optimized and profits will be achieved. “We will move away from the pure hardware business to an S&T positioned as an innovation developer with professional services and which addresses the IT concerns of its customers”, CEO Niederhauser adds.

Technical operations are being expanded on the basis of the optimal exploitation of synergies arising with the Quanmax Group, and the company’s market position is being strengthened, also in Austria. Starting in the third phase as of the year 2013 business operations will focus fully on technology – but not before the resources of the entire S&T Group are linked. “In Eastern Europe the service business is already well developed. In Austria, we will have to expand the portfolio by adding Professional Services. The existing know-how in Eastern Europe will be applied in Austria”, Niederhauser concludes.


The latest figures show the potential inherent in S&T operations in the 13 Eastern European countries. Almost all S&T subsidiaries are operating profitably, have managed the crisis creatively and have further developed their business. Professional services provided in the fields of outsourcing and security should enable S&T to win new, large international contracts. In 2012 S&T is striving to achieve revenue of EUR 220 million and net earnings of about EUR 2 million.