17.10.2012 | Slovakia

S&T Slovakia brings further innovations thanks to its partnership with Citrix

“S&T Slovakia constantly endeavours to invest in innovations and improvements. By means of the certificated partnership with Citrix, we bring new solutions in the field of virtualization to our clients that will result in higher efficiency of company processes, and subsequently ease their everyday work in many aspects,” says Vladimír Magvaši, Business Development Manager, S&T Slovakia.

The solutions embraced in the partnership with Citrix are based on software virtualization technologies which enable the use of virtual desktops and applications. These technologies are decisive in today’s world of company IT management since they can lead to substantial savings and better IT functioning.

Company users can easily and safely access company applications and data thanks to these technologies. All applications and data necessary for employees’ work are at their disposal thanks to Citrix technologies – anytime at any place – whether at work, at home, at a client’s or a business trip, or at any end-user devices.

S&T Slovakia offers its clients basically immediately new options resulting from the partnership with Citrix. The new system solutions have already been successfully applied in a project for a large multinational company operating in financial services, in cooperation with the Czech branch of S&T.