Traditional "one server per application" type data centres no longer meet the current changing requirements of businesses and tend to hinder further growth and development. Modern data centres must be easy to manage, they must allow for exponential growth of data volumes, increase in the number of applications, change of applications, and they must be flexible, economical, and "green". At the same time they must ensure high data, application and service availability with minimum unwanted failures, outages and therefrom resulting financial losses.
Virtualisation is thus becoming one of the basic requirements and features of a data centre. Data centre virtualisation on each of its levels (network, server, storage) lets you eliminate the negatives of physical devices and provides dynamically adjustable performance. Virtualisation also provides improved options for high availability solutions and uninterrupted operation.

S&T Slovakia has extensive professional knowledge in designing and implementing data centres of all sizes utilizing all levels of virtualisation. DC solutions also include additional devices and components, from power supply and air-conditioning solutions to monitoring and remote administration. Besides design and implementation, our service portfolio also includes SW related consulting, IMAC, HW and SW support, defect removal and similar.

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