Information Technology and Service Management

In cooperation with HP, the global IT system optimization and management leader, S&T Slovakia offers complex solutions in all areas of implementation of the HP Business Technology Optimization (HP BTO) product portfolio.
HP BTO is an extensive family of intertwined products used in automation of IT service planning, development and management processes. The entire portfolio can be divided into three basic areas: Strategy, Applications and Operations.

HP Business Technology Optimazation (HP BTO)

Strategy – the objective of this area is to ensure optimum management of IT project implementation with focus on human resource planning in order to provide a constant overview of the running projects and help estimate and plan the costs and time needed to implement new IT services.

Applications – includes a group of products used in the application development process for managed functionality, performance and security testing of the developed solutions with focus on reducing the development time maximizing quality and reliability.

Operations – offers a set of solutions necessary in the process of monitoring and management of business IT environment on all levels from the network, through servers, systems and applications, all the way to IT service management in line with recommendations of the ITIL process management model.

The said areas are interconnected in terms of processes and form an integrated IT service life-cycle management solution comprising everything from planning, to development to operation quality management.

These areas can be further subdivided into centres which form logical groupings of specific products focusing on specific fields of IT optimization and management. The individual centres and their tools can be deployed independently or in integrated form depending on the customer's needs.

A team of certified specialists takes care of all stages of implementation projects for this type of solutions from environment analysis at the customer's plant, through preparation of solution design according to the customer's requirements, to solution implementation and integration with existing applications and user training.