ZABBIX – Accessible Solution For IT Infrastructure Management

Comprehensive open source software solution for monitoring the availability and performance of IT infrastructure

Zabbix is an effective monitoring solution that allows you to aggregate an essentially unlimited amount of metrics in real time from various types of devices in IT environments, including servers, virtual machines, network devices, storage, monitoring devices and more. Metrics can then be automatically visualized through overviews, maps and graphs, and become a subject to further analysis to generate alarms.

Zabbix is a free open source system, with no fees and features open-source code.
Basic features of Zabbix system:
  • Data Collection - data collection via multiple methods – SNMP, Zabbix agent, IPMI, JMX, ODBC ao.
  • Problem detection, correlation - problem opening and closing based on generation of events and their correlation
  • Performance Management - data visualization, multiple chart types, metric behavior prediction
  • Inventory - Manual and automated allocation of inventory attributes to devices
  • Notifications and escalations - notification of operators by mail, SMS, etc., automatic actions and escalation plans
  • SLA Evaluation - Configuring the service tree and evaluating service availability for the selected period

    Zabbix from S&T Slovakia
    S&T has years of experience in the implementation of IT infrastructure management solutions for extensive environments with a large number of servers, active network elements and devices. Zabbix is a part of a diverse portfolio of solutions provided as a service or on-premises implementation in the customer’s environment.

    S&T Slovakia:
    • is a certified Zabbix partner, and is the first and currently the only company in Slovakia to hold its highest Premium Partner certificate
    • S&T Slovakia's consultants have the highest Certified Professional certification
    • cooperates in the development and design of new architecture and functionalities
    • is a co-author of the design and a contributor to the functionalities of Zabbix 3.2 and later versions
    • Has experience of transition from licensed systems
    • has extensive experience with the integration of Zabbix into the customer's IT environment
    • provides added value by developing custom extensions for Zabbix